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Find exploit scripts in WordPress through terminal

While searching on internet i found a site which provides premium plugin and themes for free. Because of the excitement i just downloaded a woocommerce premium plugin and uploaded directly to our live server through Git. Unfortunately, its was a big mistake. That plugin contains some exploit script. Nature of the Exploit Script: I have […]

Easiest way to add a free ssl to domain using cloudflare free ssl

Adding a website to Step 1: Go to and click the Sign up link at the top of the page. Step 2: Create a Cloudflare account by typing your email address and password. Click Create account now to proceed Step 3: Enter the domain for your website and then click Add Site. It’s not necessary to add “www” to the domain. For example, if your […]

Uploading local folder and files to server easily using terminal

If your server setup support SSH then use following code to upload the folders from local system. scp -r mydirectory [email protected]:destdir The -r means “recursive” so it will recursively copy the entire directory. Replace username with your username, etc., etc. destdir is a relative path on the remote server (whatever directory you wind up in if you log in) as long […]