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Creating first Angular 6 Application in Mac

This is angular 6 tutorial for beginners.

Steps you need to do is:

  1. Install Nodejs
  2. Install NPM(Package manager will automatically install while installing Nodejs)
  3. Install Angular Cli
  4. Download IDE for development.

For creating web application you need to first to install node JS. For installing node JS in Mac follow the steps.

After installing node JS in Mac you need to install visual studio code IDE. For installing this question Studio code you can download from this link.

Then you need to install angular cli tool. Used following steps for installing angular cli.

npm install -g @angular/cli

Please note the “-g ” which says install angular cli for global scope. You dont want to install every apps.

To creating app you need to create a folder in any places in your computer. Then after open that folder to Visual Studio.

Then open view menu then terminal. it will open terminal in Visual Studio.

ng new my-dream-app

Output will be as follows.


Goto app folder by

cd my-dream-app

ng serve


If everything right you can see the welcome screen. Any problems please feel to write a comment.

Watch steps in video

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